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So. I have been wanting to make this theme for forever. I started in on it months ago. Never finished it. And then rediscovered it. And now.... am pleased enough to both use it, and share with the class!

This is a [Flexible Squares] Journal Theme that anyone is free to use. Its existence was inspired by, what I hope it quite obviously, the LCARS Interface used throughout the Star Trek series. If I get super inspired, there may be variations of this theme to come in the future. But for now, it's just the one. But I hope that you all enjoy it.

I will warn you though, it works best in Firefox. The curves do not show up in Chrome. I have no idea about IE/Safari. I'm looking into it. But frankly... I use Firefox, so I'm not in all that big of a rush to solve it. Please forgive me.

Preview - though you will note that it is also the theme that I am using currently:


1. Go to the Customize Journal area.

2. Under "#2 Select New Theme," type in FLEXIBLE SQUARES in the search field.

3. Select APPLY THEME under any of the given options.

4. Select CUSTOMIZE YOUR THEME in the upper-right box field. (Or you can also select the CUSTOMIZE button beneath whichever FLEXIBLE SQUARES theme you've just chosen - either way works. *MAKE SURE the "Apply Theme" button underneath has turned into a link that says CUSTOMIZE.)

5. Select CUSTOM CSS - it will be the last option on the left sidebar

6. Change all drop-down options on this page to NO.
*There should be three of them.

7. Copy/Paste this ENTIRE code below into the CUSTOM STYLE SHEET field.


You will notice that in the preview/my own personal journal, there is an image in the upper-left corner of the screen. THIS IS NOT IN THE CSS CODE. The image is inserted into the BLURB area of the SIDEBAR, which you can edit to your liking.

Here is the image that I used, which you are welcome to use as well. Or, you can create your own. Just be sure to keep it 300px wide or under, or it will not fit in the sidebar.

Once you've uploaded the image you would like to use, copy/paste the following into the 'Text To Be Added To The Sidebar' section of the SIDEBAR area of the theme editor.

Other useful images!

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