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So. I have been wanting to make this theme for forever. I started in on it months ago. Never finished it. And then rediscovered it. And now.... am pleased enough to both use it, and share with the class!

This is a [Flexible Squares] Journal Theme that anyone is free to use. Its existence was inspired by, what I hope it quite obviously, the LCARS Interface used throughout the Star Trek series. If I get super inspired, there may be variations of this theme to come in the future. But for now, it's just the one. But I hope that you all enjoy it.

I will warn you though, it works best in Firefox. The curves do not show up in Chrome. I have no idea about IE/Safari. I'm looking into it. But frankly... I use Firefox, so I'm not in all that big of a rush to solve it. Please forgive me.

Preview - though you will note that it is also the theme that I am using currently:


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Screen Shot

OMG I have a new layout. Kind of. I'd been using the same layout, or very boring variations of my old layout for a really long time and decided to brows through my collection of old headders for inspiration and was like Wow! I forgot about this one and I really like it! So I decided to revive it and use it with a codes that don't suck. (I've been getting much better at them.)

The layout itself is all blue and white, so even if you don't want to use the headder... you can use the code. I don't care. That's what I share them for. So.... if you would like to use it. Have a party!

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I was actually quite fond of my old layout. But for one, it wasn't fond of Internet Explorer, which is what I have to use at work, unfortunately. So it was only really enjoyable to me while I was at home, and that was kind of lame.

Mom and I went to dinner and had Mexican food and margaritas this evening. Afterward, I didn't really have anything else to do once she went to bed, so I opened photoshop to make some icons, for the hell of it.

I made a grand total of.... four.

Because I suck. Sort of. In actuality, I ended up being so pleased with that last icon that I was like THAT WOULD MAKE A COOL HEADDER. The world doesn't have enough Angel!Dean things, really. (Icons 1 & 4 are taken from 4x01)

But yeah... inspiration struck.

I've not got it to work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, so I feel comfortable sharing the code with you now! So, if you'd like to use this theme for your own journal, you are more than welcome to. Here's how you install it:

Code and Instillation Instructions Under the Cut )

Oh yeah. Use those icons if you want to! That's what they're for! xD

P.S. It is totally bad for me to want this ---> <---as an actual tattoo?! No, I wouldn't get it on my chest. I already have a spot for it, because my phoenix was too big for my wrist. And once upon a time, I did want a sun there instead. And I want a star tattoo somewhere. So it's like the best of all worlds! aspdvoauidaoduvh. I don't know. I really want a wrist tattoo though and hadn't really been excited over anything lately. D:
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I've been on a tiny bit of roll over the past two days. Three themes done! YAY! Here is my shiny new Sylar/Zachary Quinto theme I just finished. Because I'm on a huge Heroes kick - as I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about. But just a month now until Season 3 starts, and I'd kept my shiny yellow theme for quite a while so I thought it seemed like as good a time to change it up as as any :3

So, just in case anyone wants to use this theme now, later, or whenever, here's the code and instructions on how to install it!

It's All Under Here, Kids! )

And can I just point out that the little lj user icons next to people's names have... the top of their heads cut off a la Sylar-style.(example: ) I thought I was pretty funny/brilliant at the time. ^^;
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Now, with super!delayed theme #2, for [ profile] kyriefluffins ! YAY! I'm sorry that I took forever, darlin' But without further delay!

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Here is the super!delayed theme for [ profile] incandescemoon that I FINALLY got around to doing because I'm a lazy lazy slacker-face!

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I've been using this theme for a while, because I've very fond of it. I also have a twin theme I use for my writing journal, which I also quite like. Sadly, I'm a loser and waited far too long to share the codes for them, in case someone else wants to use them. So without further adieu...

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I have a nice handful of codes for layouts I made forever ago and never shared. I fail.

Here's a very simple non-fandom theme in yellow and brown (unusual colours, yeah, but for some reason I like them)

How To Install This Theme )
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Sometimes I get bored and like making journal themes. I usually just make them for myself because I'm fickle, but I am also more than happy to take on requests! So, if you'd like me to make you a journal theme, let me know! And, so I can be sure to make your new journal theme suited to your liking, please fill this out - as much or as little as you like - just leave me a comment on this entry at any time, and I'd be happy to get started! (I'll lock this post if I'm ever not taking requests.)

You are free to be as specific, or non-specific as you like.

As a side note, I generally work with the base theme of Flexible Squares, because it's what I'm the most comfortable using and I find it to be the most versicle. If you would like a different base theme used in your layout (i.e. Component, Generator, ect.) please be sure to tell me.

Completed Themes

**I am pretty loaded with requests right now. Please feel free to check back later. :3
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Screen Shot

So, you know that layout I promised you forever ago, Becca ([ profile] toadwart). I'm so sorry. I finally finished the one I started for you MONTHS ago... so if you still want to use it, well here it is. If you don't... well. Here this is anyway! lol! I blame my old crashed computer =3 that happened like two months ago now, haha

If You'd Like To Use It... )

Also. The words/lyrics in this layout are from Maaya Sakamoto's The Garden of Everything which is a beautiful song. Feel free to nab that as well - that goes for anyone!

P.S. Amanda, you're next.
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Because I've been on a Heroes kick lately, and I completely love that image of Peter about to "fly" off the top of the building, and I've gotten bored with my shiny pink Yuna theme, I have THIS one now. I likes it. I totally love the combination of black, white, grey and red. Haha, it seems to be showing up everywhere in my life lately.

Anyways. Yes. New theme time. (And a few icons to match!)

Grab the code for yourself! )

And of course, one needs a couple icons to match as well!

Peter ♥ BlackTie Brothers ♥

And just for fun: Nathan FTW!
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So, I got bitten by the "OMG I want another theme" bug. Again. My goal was to do something a little calmer this time. I suppose I succeeded. Partly. But I'm beginning to wonder if I'm to be plagued by the colour pink for the rest of eternity or something. Hahaha. I can't seem to escape it.

The one I had started to do was of Ashura. Stripping. 8D No - I'm not kidding. It was a screen shot from CLAMP in Wonderland 2. But the image I was working with was giving me problems and I... wound up using Yuna instead. Haha. I have no idea why. I'm sure I'll conquer the Stripper!Ashura theme some day though. Plus, Yuna is made of awesome.

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P.S. CocaCola Font is awesome.
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Hahah, ok, so I've been staring at the word "Strong" for so long, I've had to spell check it twice, because it started looking completely wrong. I think its funny when that happens. O-or when you say a word over and over again, and it loses it's meaning...

ANYWAY! This is the theme I just finished for [ profile] tsuyoisyao I'm sort of on a spree right now, cause I'm also halfway-done with a new theme for [ profile] toadwart as well. (lol, I hope you like blue Becca =p)

How to install your new theme! )

♥ galenhiril
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Some of you may remember this theme - because I blinded you with it for a few months. I was playing around with it tonight for the fun of it, and made some changes from the old one I was using, while also making it so anyone can use it now, if they like. So... here it is, if anyone wants the new, improved version - because one never knows when the mood for blinding-coloured awesome strikes.

Should You Decided To Use It - Here's How You Install It! )

Hahah, apparently I have a thing for bright layouts =p

P.S. Becca! You're next.
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Man I'm so slow some days. *fail* but here, my dear [ profile] hebba18-chan, is your new journal theme! Haha, with the correct "pray" now because I'm a dumbass some days. The screenshot isn't corrected though 'cause I'm lazy and didn't take another one. ^^; But the header and code itself should be alright!

How To Install Your Theme =D )

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This one was both easy and hard, because I've had the idea in my head for a while now, but it was hard to actually get it to work =p Thank goodness for [ profile] s2flexisquares , and all their lovely tutorials. =p

This was made for my wonderful [ profile] templar0 <3


Installing Your New Journal Theme )

P.S. I love you.
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This is what happens when I spend my evenings searching for images, fonts and textures: inspiration. I hadn't set out to make a new one really. I was just looking for stuff to use later because I've been meaning to since forever ago.

It is totally the manliest journal theme I've ever made, ne?! =P (hahahahahah!) And it's shockingly non-fandom related - an amazingly rare thing for me. But I totally love it. So happy and cute! YAY! I fell in love with the little dragon guy when I found him XD I had to have him!

And the new mood theme?! Double cuteness.

Grab the Code! )

If you have and questions or problems, let me know!
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So, ideally it should look like that when it's all said and done! =3

And here is how to install it! <3 )
And I think this goes without saying, but this was made for [ profile] kinoha-chan. I would prefer if she were the only one using it, please. ♥
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Alrighty [ profile] laifan -chan! I am so slow and I'm sorry *fail* But here you go! A new shiny layout for you that should look like this when it's all said and done:

And here is how to install your new theme! )


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