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Oct. 26th, 2011 08:11 pm
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Feel free to completely ignore this post. I am mostly just making it so that I have all my RP journals in one place to quickly reference. Because I weirdly... have a tendency to forget about some of them. Because, to no surprise, only a handful of these is in use right now.  Unfortunately, there is absolutely no order to these.

Roy Mustang
(Fullmetal Alchemist)
+ inactive // played in :: [ profile] betenoire_rp
+ [ profile] has_no_match
+ character/fandom wiki
(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
+ active // playing in :: [ profile] bridlewood_rp
+ [ profile] carouselglamour
+ character/fandom wiki
(The Last Unicorn)
+ inactive // played in :: [info]betenoire_rp
+ [ profile] nothinginmyeyes
+ character/fandom wiki
Charles Tucker III
(Star Trek: Enterprise)

+ [ profile] futuremrfixit
+ character/fandom wiki
'Sam Winchester'
(Supernatural // Supernatural AU)
+ active // playing in ::[ profile] la_holla
+ [ profile] spoiledstar
+ character/fandom wiki
Samantha Winchester
(Supernatural AU)
+ active // playing in ::[info]la_holla
+ [ profile] devilspromdress
+ character/fandom wiki
Tony Stark
(Iron Man // The Avengers)

+ [ profile] so_discrete
+ character/fandom wiki
Stan Marsh
(South Park)
+ active // playing in ::[info]la_holla
+ [ profile] everythingscrap
+ character/fandom wiki
Stan Marsh
(My Little Pony/South Park AU)
+ inactive // might bring to [ profile] bridlewood_rp down the road
+ [ profile] futurebronco
+ character/fandom wiki
Juliet Burke
+inactive // made for :: [ profile] lostastic
+ [ profile] wecangodutch
+ character/fandom wiki
'The Smoke Monster'
+inactive // made for :: [ profile] lostastic
+ [ profile] tikka_tikka
+ character/fandom wiki
Benjamin Linus

+ [ profile] nevertrustlies
+ character/fandom wiki

James Potter
(Harry Potter - 70's Marauder Era)

+[ profile] i_dont_prance
+ character/fandom wiki
Barney Stinson
(How I Met Your Mother)

+ [ profile] suit_it_up
+ character/fandom wiki

It is SUPER weird to me that I don't have a journal for a one, Captain James T. Kirk. Like, really, really weird. Surprising also that there is no journal for Malcom Reynolds. Or Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. Or Marik Ishatr from Yuugioh. Because I weirdly pretend to be him a lot. Give me time. I'm sure they'll be on here eventually. Also. Why do I always RP either dudes.... or sparkly unicorns?

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