Jan. 6th, 2010

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I mentioned my desire to do this earlier (like... months ago) and now that desire has become a reality!!!! Aren't you just thrilled? Clearly, I haven't been producing a whirlwind of new fics lately, so I thought I would start by practicing with some old ones first to get the hang of it, because... reading aloud can be tricky! Hahaha. The hope is, that by making podfics out of old fics, hopefully I can get some some fanfic muses going again on some new stuff!!!!

To start myself off with, I made a podfic out of an old Tsubasa fic of mine called Alone Together. (It was a shorter one that people seemed to like - in case you are curious as to why I chose that one.) So, without further delays... here is that:

Title: Alone Together
Characters: Kurogane, Syaoran
Parings: Implied Kurogane/Fai and Syaoran/Sakura with vague Kurogane/Syaoran undertones for a little something different
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 2445
Spoilers: None, other than it being set in Infinity.
Other: Inspired by a meme in [livejournal.com profile] tsubasarc with the request of "Kurogane/R!Syaoran. Comforting each other in Infinity arc," but that was just the inspiration. There is no kink, but that is still the general premise. XD Please enjoy.

download mp3 ((Duration: 00:14:16))

I'm not actually expecting anyone to be jumping at the opportunity to download this 3-year old fic - but hell, if you want to, you just have yourself a party. ((Also, if you do download it, you should know that I'm ridiculous and my inner Narrator Voice is apparently British. ;D So, be prepared for that. lol... no. Seriously.))

Since I'm doing these, and by random chance, you have a request for an old fic you want to see turned into a podfic, lemme know and I'll do it!!!  Mostly, I'm just wondering if I should waste my time with Revolutions because that is a monster fic and... I think I'll only do it if someone actually cares.

Other than that... expect random posts like this in the future, and hopefully, some new shiny fanfics for you! Though, they will likely not be of the Tsubasa sort. Think more along the lines of Star Trek/Supernatural/Firefly/Heroes/Lost/Random Other Things That Will Be Awesome.


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